RFID Jewelry Management System

In many jewelry retail stores, low inventory efficiency has been a big problem. Most jewelry inventory work is completed by manual, and due to the small size with large quantity, it will take long time for the staff to do inventory work. Survey shows that it will take at least five hours to check the inventory, which makes it impossible to do inventory daily or weekly. Meanwhile. Jewelries are high value products, it can be easily stole when there are many people in store, which cause big pressure for the staffs. With UHF RFID jewelry tracking system, it can improve the inventory efficiency and anti theft.

rfid jewelry system


The jewelry information identified by RFID jewelry management system is processed by RFID middleware first, or by computer information processing technology and Intranet & Internet to realized integration, share and long distance transmission.

jewelry tracking system

Attaching RFID tags on the jewelry, and detect and track jewelry with RFID tags by RFID devices to achieve the fast inventory, real-time monitoring and smart sales management. Therefore, it can control the whole process of jewelry in and out of stores and sales.

rfid jewelry tags


Under safe conditions, the RFID reader can read the every RFID jewelry tag on the counter with RFID antenna. Once there is an unexpected situation, the reader fails to read the RFID jewellery tags within a certain period of time, it will start an alarm through the RFID jewelry management system and inform the staff.

rfid antenna for jewelry management

Install an LED display screen near the counter. When displaying the jewelry to the customer, the detailed information of the jewelry such as “style, origin, designer, weight, material, purity, grade” are displayed on the system screen, which enhances the jewelry brand ’s credibility and brand image, and help sales staff to devote more energy to provide better value-added services, enhance customer experience, and promote sales.

rfid reader for jewelry tracking

When the jewelry is being checked out, the staff will put the RFID jewelry tags on the RFID reader that deployed at the checkout counter and complete the check out. The PC at the counter will display the jewelry information and show the total amount. After completing the transaction, the staff confirms the completion of the sale on the computer, the central server marks the commodity as sold in the database, and at the same time, the counter RFID reader will no longer maintain the monitoring of the device.