The using of RFID technology in healthcare industry can allow hospitals to reduce the cost, monitor patients and improve patient safety.

RFID Healthcare Management

In the medical field, hospitals often adopt manual recording methods for information collection and recording, which can easily cause errors and confusion, property loss and medical accidents. In response to the above drawbacks, more and more hospitals have begun to consider to use RFID technology to strengthen the management of patients, medical staff and hospital assets, and improve the comprehensive medical services Level. There are several healthcare and medical application that can be implemented with RFID technology.

Hospital Warehouse Management

When the medical staff go to the hospital warehouse to store items , they will attach the RFID tags on the items for classification and inventory management. information such as the product name, specifications, manufacturer, batch number, production date, expiration date will be written in the RFID tags.

When need to use the items or do inventory , medical staff can use handheld RFID reader to read the RFID tags of materials. Therefore, it can effectively count the quantity of materials, the record of using material , expired or not, and improve the working efficiency of material management. With RFID technology, it makes hospital’s material management more easier, and improve the material purchasing process. It can also prevent the materials from being expired, and avoid medical accident by human mistakes.

rfid equipment inventory

Hospital Equipment Management

Manual recording methods are the mainly way to use in traditional hospital medical equipment, and it happens a lot when the equipment is missing or broken. It is also complicated to protect and check the equipment information. By using RFID technology, the RFID handheld terminal can get the tag information attached on the equipment. The medical staff can know the equipment detailed information like maintenance and repair records, and prevent equipment from damage and loss.

During each inspection and maintenance of the equipment, it can write the related information into the equipment tags, which avoids the omission of equipment management work, and can trace the source of problems after the equipment-related medical accident.

rfid equipment management

Hospital intelligent call

RFID technology can optimize the speed and transmission method of the hospital’s intelligent call system. It is no longer limited to the traditional method that can only be transmitted by voice, and it can also use different audio-visual graphics for display. In this way, when facing emergency patients in the hospital, the staff of various departments can be actively cooperated to quickly prepare and complete medical supplies and equipment. Meanwhile, it can reduce errors caused by wrong information and ensure to greatly improve the treatment effect .

rfid intelligent call