1. Current tool management situations


  • It is difficult and inefficient to find maintenance tools and lost tools often;
  • The QR code or bar code cannot meet the management and control of existing tools;
  • Tool status information cannot be monitored in real time, and tool management responsibility is incomplete;
  • Traditional tool management methods cannot effectively control potential FOD threats;



2. RFID tool tracking system


Tools with RFID tags are placed in specially customized tool carts, tool cabinets, tool boxes or tool rooms equipped with RFID readers to realize the tools borrowing, return, search, location, and inventory purpose. Different hardware equipment solutions are suitable for different operating environments!


RFID smart tool cart


The RFID smart tool cart is composed of an independent research and development control system, multiple positioning antenna as well as RFID technology. It can achieve precise control of tool positioning to each layer, which greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of tool management, and effectively prevent and reduce tool loss and stolen.


Moreover, it simplify the registration process of tools in and out of the warehouse, avoiding missing inventory or negligent management. The RFID smart tool cart can meet the storage needs of various tools in the aviation industry, and realize the information management of tools and the accurate control of FOD in the aviation industry.

rfid tool cabinet

RFID Smart Tool Cabinet


The RFID smart tool cabinet is compatible with EPC C1 G2 (ISO 18000-6C) protocol. It uses RFID technology, edge computing, communication network, cloud platforms, and artificial intelligence algorithms to realize the life cycle management of tools from purchase, distribution, use, inspection to scrap. Therefore, it achieves smart tool management in the aviation industry.

rfid smart tool cabinet

RFID Smart Toolbox


The RFID smart toolbox can manage the tools with RFID tags stored in the boxes by implement RFID technology and software. It realizes the automatic management of tools and improves the tools management efficiency and accuracy.

rfid toolbox


3. Features of RFID tool management equipment


  • Receiving, return, intelligent inventory of tools, without manual processing, improve work efficiency
  • Intelligent tool cabinet automatic inventory, real-time control of tool
  • Fast inventory , the number of inventory tags is more than 300, the information time can reach 5 seconds at the fastest, no misreading
  • Accurate positioning, can be accurately positioned to the level of the tool cabinet
  • Voice alarm



4. The value of RFID-based smart tool management system


  1. Realize intelligent management and control of aviation maintenance tools, and tools can be controllable and traceable.


  1. Real-time control of tool to avoid security risks caused by tool loss.


  1. Full-automatic tool entry and exit management greatly improves the efficiency of tool lending and return.


  1. The background real-time collection tool uses data to scientifically analyze and generate reports.