UHF RFID Technology offers a fast and efficient ways to borrow and return items in library.RFID also helps to improve the security and efficiency of collection inventory.

RFID Library Management

System Overview

For many years, library self-lending, quick inventory, search, and unorganized books arrangement have been a big problem for library management staff. Through the research and development of RFID technology, INFINITE RFID TECH has formed a series of supporting equipment for libraries, which has greatly improved management methods, increased work efficiency, reduced the labor intensity of management staff, and provided a complete solution for library applications.

library management

Components of RFID system

Smart book management system includes: label conversion system, self-service book borrowing system, self-service book return system, smart search system, cart-type inventory system, dual-frequency security door detection system.

System process

  1. New book registration: Each new book will be attached with an RFID tag when it is stored in the library, and the tag will be connected with the book in the system;

  2. Automatic inventory and locate: Each smart book cabinet uses the internal program of the reader to control the antenna connected to the reader, and scan the tags in the book cabinet to check if the book is available;

  3. Automatic identification: When the borrower finds out the specific location of the books they need through the book resource management subsystem, the system will record the whole procedure from readers take the books with their borrowing card to the self-service borrowing system.

  4. Automatic tracking: The books that are put inside the clothes and bags will be automatically detected by the system when passing through the entrance and exit. The system will automatically determine whether to report an alarm.

Advantage of System

Information can be updated. Barcode cannot be modified, while the RFID tag data can be modified, added, deleted.

long distance reading & writing, the reading distance can be adjustable. Barcode scanner read only at near field without any blocking. The RFID tag can read up to 8m distance, and the reader can get the tag information within the reading range.

Multiple tags reading. Barcode scanners can only read one barcode information, and RFID readers can simultaneously read multiple tag information.

Strong penetrability. RFID reader can read tags through non-metal and non-liquid object.

Benefit of RFID library system

  • Readers can quickly find the books they want to borrow, and the borrowing and returning procedures are simple, which improves the management efficiency

  • Improving the book borrowing rate

  • Improving the service level of the library

  • Reduce the workload of librarians, easily manage borrowing and improve work and service efficiency

  • Simplifying procedures for readers to borrow and return books

  • Significantly improving the efficiency of book inventory and wrong shelf arrangement