RFID is being use to monitor waste bin collection and track the amount of wasted produced everyday, manage waste bin inventory, track lost and misplaced bins.

RFID Waste Management


After more than 30 years of development in China, the urbanization in China has been speedy up. Every year, 15 million people enter the city, and China has entered an urban society. With the increase in the number of people, the total amount of city waste has also increased, which has brought tremendous pressure to the removal, management and disposal of city waste.

Currently most cities adopt the “centralized collection, centralized transportation and centralized processing” method, which not only causes a large amount of waste of recyclable resources, but also increases the amount and difficulty of garbage disposal, resulting in the waste of human, material and land resources.

At present, the models adopted by the China Environmental Management Agency are very traditional. Most of the methods for garbage disposal are fixed vehicles to various locations for recycling at a fixed time every day. They have very little information about the amount of garbage generated by each garbage bin and the status of garbage collection operations.

Therefore, a platform that collects garbage information and facility information collection, transportation vehicle scheduling, garbage classification and recovery, etc. is needed to implement centralized management scheduling, reasonably allocate resources, and optimize the efficiency of garbage collection and processing.

Through the operation of the various functional modules of the system, the collection of relevant data and information, the monitoring of the real-time status of the bins and the behavior of residents, and the optimization of the removal management, so as to realize the networked, intelligent and information-based management of residential waste sorting

RFID Waste Management Solution

The residential area waste separation and recovery system uses the automatic RFID technology. It collects various types of data in real time through RFID readers, and seamlessly interfaces with the back management platform through the ad hoc network system.

Through the RFID tags attached to waste bins (fixed position bins, transport bins), RFID readers and vehicle RFID tags are attached on garbage trucks;

Vehicle card readers are installed at the door of the community;

Garbage Floor scales and RFID readers installed at the end processing facility and garbage transfer stations;

Each RFID reader can connect with the server in real time through WIFI, thereby real-time correlation of the information such as the number, quantity, weight, time, and location of the trash can and garbage truck In order to realize the supervision and traceability of the garbage community sorting, garbage transportation, and waste disposal, ensure the efficiency and quality of garbage treatment and transportation.

rfid waste

When the waste bin is placed on the lifting arm, the RFID reader automatically reads the ID code through the antenna installed on the lifting arm and stores it in the code reader. Menawhile, the total weight of the bin will be recorded too. After the garbage is dumped out, the weight of the empty bin is recorded again, and the secondary weight is subtracted, which is the weight of the garbage. All the data will be stored in the computer that is put in the driving cab, and a backup report will be printed out every time to make sure the data is not missing. When the garbage truck finishes the one-day cleaning operation and driver drives back to the management center, the driver removes the memory card from the computer on the vehicle and stores the information in the central computer of the management center.

RFID System components

The RFID waste management system includes

waste electronic single-combination system

RFID management system for receiving and transporting vehicles

RFID electronic locking system for receiving and transporting vehicles

real-time tracking system for GPS receiving and transporting vehicles

RFID waste processing check system

data application platform.

1) Attached RFID tags to waste bins

2) The garbage truck reads the RFID tags data and uploads it to the background through RFID readers

rfid waste management

System purpose

1) Record the user’s information on the use of classified garbage bags;

2) Record the types and quantity of garbage thrown by users, and summarize the usage of users;

3) Real-time monitoring of the overflow level and weight of the waste bins