How to choose suitable UHF RFID hardware for file tracking system?

UHF RFID system is consist of UHF RFID reader, UHF RFID antenna and UHF RFID tags. In RFID file tracking system, the RFID tag is attached to the file box or file bag,


and the RFID system will form an automatic data collection by sending the data to tracking system with RFID reader and tag. The selection of different RFID devices will have a great impact on the actual application effect of the entire project.


In the RFID project, misreading, and low-rate identification are the most common problems for users, and these problems can be solved by choosing the right RFID equipment. Here are our suggestions of how to choose the correct RFID devices for RFID document tracking system.


About how to choose suitable UHF RFID tags

When manage the documents, it needs to identify how many files are in a cabinet, even to be accurate to how many files are on each layer. The thickness of the file bag is different, some are as thin as 1-2mm. In this case, we need to choose RFID labels with good reading performance. When two regular RFID labels are put together, the performance will become very poor . The big change of the label frequency occurs when the coupling between the label antennas causes.

uhf rfid label

About how to choose suitable UHF RFID antenna


When it comes to UHF RFID antennas, we often do not know how to choose in the actual RFID applications. The most important features in choosing antennas are: polarization direction, antenna gain, beam angle, working frequency band, mechanical size and application environment. In the management of documents and files, we need to choose an antenna with a very uniform field distribution.


Many people would think that the near field antenna of the reader and reader should be identified by the near-field antenna. In fact, it is not true. Long distance RFID antenna should be used for RFID file tracking system. In many RFID file tracking projects, the antennas are installed inside or under the file cabinet, and it requires to read 15-30cm distance. The regular near field antenna can read max 30cm with max RF output of the reader, meanwhile the RFID tag should have good performance. So near field antenna cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

uhf rfid antenna

About how to choose suitable UHF RFID reader

There are several things should be considered to choose a suitable RFID reader:

  • Frequency: it should be Ultra High frequency(860-960MHz)
  • Antenna Ports: 2, 4, 8 or more ports
  • Communication interfaces: Wifi/RS232/Ethernet/POE
  • Reading speed / Reading distance

You can choose according to your actual needs.

8-port uhf rfid reader

About how to choose suitable RFID cabinet

At present, there are many kinds of smart file cabinets on the market, and their functions are different. Some does not work so well. If one document is not stored in the specified location, the actual location information of the file cannot be found, and only the original registered location information can be queried. So the locating function is useless. To choose a smart file cabinet combined with RFID technology, which can locate, inventory and automatically batch identify fast.  Therefore it can achieve real-time monitoring and intelligent management of the entire process of borrowing, return, search, inventory. The RFID smart file cabinet can update the file location information in real time to realize on-site supervision.

rfid file cabinet


RFID technology has the features of non-contact data collection, good data security, fast reading speed, RFID smart labels with large capacity, long service life, and reusable. It has been widely used in various fields such as archives, libraries, government and enterprise units, schools.