• alien 9662 uhf rfid inlay (1)
  • alien 9662 uhf rfid inlay (1)
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  • on metal uhf fid tags
  • uhf rfid jewelry tags
  • uhf rfid on metal tags (1)
  • uhf rfid on metal tags
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uhf rfid cards

Infinite RFID PVC UHF RFID cards are compatible with ISO18000-6C/ EPC C1 GEN2. Its max reading range is 10m. It is suitable for applications like access control ID cards.

uhf rfid jewelry tags

Infinite RFID UHF RFID jewelry tags help to improve the jewelry inventory efficiency and jewelry anti-counterfeiting. Our tags are adoptable to any type of jewelry.

on metal uhf fid tags

Infinite RFID On-metal RFID tags are specially designed for mounting on various metal surface objects. With more  than 10m reading distance, they are suitable for asset tracking.

UHF RFID Windshield tags


Infinite RFID Long range UHF RFID Windshield Tags are designed for vehicle detecting and tracking. It is Anti-tearing and Waterproof , which is suitable for outdoor use.

alien 9662 uhf rfid inlay (1)

INFINITE RFID offers wet/dry UHF inlay. A narrow version of its high-performance, general-purpose Squiggle tags. They can be used for applications like asset management.

uhf rfid on metal tags

INFINITE RFID Metal-Mount RFID Tags are designed for metal surface. It is suitable for warehouse pallet tracking, containers tracking. With more than 10m long reading distance.