The implementation of UHF RFID technology can improve the operation efficiency and inventory management in warehouse. All items can be tracked easily and fast.

RFID Warehouse Management

General introduction

The RFID warehouse management solution follows the below standards:

Does not change the existing business processes;

Improve work efficiency;

Practical and advanced, safe and reliable;


offer added value for company such as improving user experiences

RFID warehouse management system

According to the current RFID product implementation experience, the recommendations are as below:

Use passive RFID labels to manage the inventory of goods and shelves in the warehouse;

Use wireless RFID reader to manage the entry and exit of the items in the forklift;

The use of fixed RFID readers to achieve the management of the entry and exit of warehouses including forklifts and goods;

Use handheld rfid reader to manage and query the entire warehouse operation process;

Implementation of RFID management scheme

rfid warehouse management

Management process of cargo area based on RFID technology

Use a fixed rfid reader to write the details of the items into the RFID tag and enter the information in to the background system.

During the transportation operation, the wireless RFID reader installed on the forklift can identify the shelf number of the item to be placed in the warehouse accurately.

you can directly generate the warehouse entry form on the APP instead of manually, and upload it directly to the server via GPRS or WiFi, which is consistent with the server data.

Use the wifi RFID reader on the forklift to realize item inquiry and storage

Android wireless RFID reader on the forklift can read the tags on the shelves and items at a long distance (distance up to 10 meters)

Through the APP on the wireless rfid reader, it can automatically query the precise position of the items to enter and leave the warehouse;

you can find the location of items to be taken out or into the warehouse from a long distance, to avoid mishandling

Using a fixed UHF RFID reader and ground sense to realize the management of forklifts and goods entering and leaving the warehouse

The fixed UHF RFID reader installed at the exit detects the RFID label on the forklift and the tray and compared with the server’s shipment data. The ground sense will allow the goods to leave warehouse if the data is consistant. Otherwise, the RFID reader will inform the warehouse manager to confirm.