UHF RFID technology helps retailers to improve on-shelf availability and customer services,reduce cost and increase sales.Let us help you implement RFID technology.

RFID Retail Tracking

Traditional retail

Throughout the management of the entire jewelry industry, most of the retail counters have inventory problems. The current jewelry inventory job is basically completed by hands. and the actual situation of small size and large number of jewelry products, only a few staff do the most jewelry Inventory job which caused the huge time-consuming inventory work. According to the data, it takes about five hours for a staff to conduct an inventory of the products in the store. The problem of inventory efficiency has led to the inability of various jewelry stores to inventory products daily or weekly. At the same time, because jewellery is mostly high-value products, the characters are complicated and professional, and it is easy to lose when there are many people, and the shopping guide cannot respond quickly. This management and sales method, which is entirely dependent on human experience and ability, has largely restricted the business expansion and customer experience of the enterprise.

RFID Introduction

The characteristic information of the object identified by the RFID retail tracking system is usually processed by intermediate software first, or the collected information is directly processed by computer information processing technology (such as database technology) ,and computer network technology (Intranet & Internet Technology) to achieve information fusion, sharing, long-distance transmission, etc., directly serving to related business application systems.

Design ideas

RFID tags are attached to the expensive jewellery products, and automatic identification equipment is used to monitor, control and track the labeled jewellery to achieve fast inventory, real-time tracking and sales management intelligence. In this way, the jewellery products are tracked and recorded in and out of the sales process in comprehensive way. The complicated and inefficient manual management and barcode scanning modes are replaced with new methods that are automated, accurate and efficient.

Safety monitoring system and inventory

Under the security situation, the RFID reader can read each RFID jewelry tag information on the counter through the antenna. Once something happened, the reader cannot read the tag within a certain time, it will alert the system.

Smart sales system

The LED display is deployed near the counter. When the jewelry is displayed to customers, the relevant detailed information of the jewelry like “style, origin, designer, weight, material, purity, grade, etc” are displayed on the system screen, which improves the jewelry brand and help the staff to provide better services, improve customer experience, and promote sales.

Fast check out

When the jewelry product is purchased and checked out by the customer, the staff will identify the jewelry label through the integrated UHF RFID reader and complete the check out. The computer at the check out counter will display product information and show the customer the value. After the transaction is done, the staff confirms the completion of the sale on the computer, the central server marks the item as sold in the database, and at the same time, the RFID device at the counter will no longer maintain monitoring of the device.