The benefits of RFID in apparel retail store and industry


As the rapid development of RFID technology, it has been widely used in more and more industries.  Ultra high frequency(UHF), which has been widely used due to its non-contact, long reading distance, fast reading, and big stored data features. RFID technology has started information management from all aspects of clothing production, processing, quality inspection, warehousing, logistics and transportation, distribution, and sales. What can UHF RFID do  for apparel store and industry?

RFID laundry management

  1. rfid in apparel retail store for anti-counterfeiting


In the RFID clothing management production process, the important of attributes single cloth like color,size,material,washing methods, item no are written in the tag by UHF RFID reader. The RFID tags will be attached to the clothes. RFID tags give each piece of clothing a globally unique ID number, which can effectively solve the problem of clothing anti-counterfeiting.


  1. RFID warehouse managementfor clothing


UHF RFID technology is non-contact identification, it can read multiple tags at same time at fast speed, which greatly improves logistics efficiency. The use of UHF RFID technology in the warehouse management of RFID clothing management can realize the visual management of all management units, which can reduce the time for packaging, handling, inventory, and statistics. Thereby it reduces cargo damage, accelerates capital turnover, and greatly improves warehouse management efficiency.


  1. RFID inventory management can avoid out-of-stock

For manufacturers and clothing stores, UHF RFID readers can be used for warehouse inventory purpose. Customers can know the actual quantity of certain style,color and model of clothes through the information identified by UHF RFID reader. Therefore,it can ensure the inventory balance and timely replenishment, and avoid the clothes to be out of stock in retail store.

RFID laundry management

  1. RFID in apparel retail store for anti-theft

The UHF RFID reader has a relay output function,which can close the external relay when the reader detects the tags without checking out, and active alarm or alarm indicator.

There are several cases for RFID anti-theft:

RFID tags in clothing stores need to be recycled. In this case, the RFID reader installed at the clothing door only needs to read the tag to trigger an external alarm.

RFID tags that do not need to be recycled. The clothing store can use the UHF RFID reader to read & write the tags on the clothes that the customer is about to buy, and define the data. When the byte is 0, it means that it is not purchased and 1 means purchased. When the reader at the door detects an unwritten tag, it triggers an external alarm, and when it reads a written tag, it does not trigger an external alarm. This will solve the anti-theft problem.


5.  RFID for Fast inventory

UHF RFID handheld reader can be used for real-time inventory of goods on the shelves and warehouse. It can generate reports by area and location, or data in specified formats according to actual requirements, and upload to store management system in real-time.


6. RFID for fast check out

Checking out through fixed RFID reader or RFID handheld reader, you can quickly collect information about the products bought by customers and generate sales lists, which greatly saves checkout time, and improves customer service.

RFID UHF technology will create a new field of clothing management and become a big helper for clothing management. It provides real-time dynamic tracking and querying throughout the process to achieve rapid information transmission, which solves the clothing anti-counterfeiting, and greatly improves work efficiency.