With the rapid development of big city’s construction, optimizing environmental management and services has always been an important project for people’s daily life. By introducing the new information technology to build a smart city, it can improve the people’s living environment. However, city waste management is a big problem for building smart city, and there are many challenges for the development. With the implement of UHF RFID technology, city waste management can help to develop the smart city faster.

The Intelligent sanitation management combines the computer technology, wireless network technology, GIS geographic information technology, GPS status technology, RFID technology, video surveillance technology to achieve central information management system. Therefore, it can control the whole process of the sanitation operation effects, sanitation operation vehicles and facilities supervision, and effectively solve the sanitation operation problem .

At present, there are some problems in city waste management:

  1. Unable to get to know the information of waste bin quantity and distribution, which resultsin untimely waste management and more labor.
  2. Unable to clean up one day’s garbage in time, which causes theenvironmental pollution.
  3. It is unable to collect the garbage in the planned routine, there will always miss some places.

rfid waste management

By installing UHF RFID reader inside the garbage truck, and attaching a  UHF RFID tag on the waste bin. When the garbage truck begins to load and unload garbage, the UHF RFID reader on the truck will read the UHF RFID tag on the waste bin. The RFID reader will get the operation time and tag information, and upload to the server, which means the waste bin has been cleaned up within 24 hours, and it will show green in the system. If the server does not receive the tag information after 24 hours, which means the waste bin has not yet been cleaned up, and it will show red in the syste.

To make it simple, there are procedure below:

  1. Put an RFID tag on the waste bin

Regular RFID labels/inlays are attached to the non-metal bins, on metal RFID tags are attached to the metal bins. Each waste bin has only RFID tags

  1. Install UHF RFID reader on the sanitation vehicle

The RFID reader is installed on the sanitation truck, and it can read the tags on each trash can or garbage bucket, which is used to count the working conditions of each truck;

  1. Install a GPS tracker on the sanitation vehicle

GPS tracker is used to track the location and route of each sanitation truck.

RFID waste management system can make sanitation vehicle management clear and simple, and control the truck movement in real time. It greatly improves the management efficiency, work efficiency, and reduces management costs. The timely treatment of garbage not only affirms the work, but also improves the image of the city and achieves scientific information management.